*SAFTEA LE Handcuffing
NSC Basic First Aid
NSC Basic First Aid Instructor
SAFTEA AR Technician
SAFTEA Basics of Handgun Rifle and Shotgun
SAFTEA Civilian Vehicle Counter Ambush student
SAFTEA Concealed Carry Course
SAFTEA Defensive Carbine 1
SAFTEA Defensive Carbine 2
SAFTEA Defensive Carbine 3
SAFTEA Defensive Handgun 1
SAFTEA Defensive Handgun 2
SAFTEA Defensive Handgun 3
SAFTEA Defensive Shotgun 1
SAFTEA Defensive Shotgun 2
SAFTEA Defensive Shotgun 3
SAFTEA F.A.S.T. Carbine
SAFTEA F.A.S.T. Handgun
SAFTEA F.A.S.T. Shotgun
SAFTEA First Aid - Bleeding
SAFTEA First Aid - Penetrating Trauma-Gunshot
SAFTEA First Aid - Trauma
SAFTEA MOI - Methods of Instruction
SAFTEA Pepper Spray
SAFTEA Precision Rifle 1
SAFTEA Precision Rifle 2
SAFTEA Precision Rifle 3
SAFTEA Precision Rifle DDM Designated Defensive Marksman
SAFTEA Range Officer Course
SAFTEA Reloading Pistol Cartridge
SAFTEA Reloading Rifle cartridge
SAFTEA S.A.F.E. - OC Spray Sutdent
SAFTEA S.A.F.E. - Response to an Active Threat
SAFTEA S.A.F.E. - Situational Alertness for Everyone
SAFTEA S.A.F.E. - Workplace Safety
SAFTEA S.A.F.E. Home and Vehicle Safety
SAFTEA S.A.F.E. House of Worship
SAFTEA SAFE Bleeding Management Student
SAFTEA SAFE Verbel De-Escolation
Skill Builder Carbine #1 (DC1 Instructor)
Skill Builder Carbine #FAST (DC1 Instructor)
Skill Builder Handgun #1 (DH1 Instructor)
Skill Builder Handgun #2 (DH2 Instructor)
Skill Builder Handgun #3 (DH2 Instructor FBI and Air-marshal qualification)
Skill Builder Handgun #4 (DH3 Inst Movement with advanced position)
Skill Builder Handgun #FAST (DH1 Instructor)
Skill Builder Handgun FAST (FAST or DH1 Instructor)
Skill Builder Handgun#5 Alternative Carry (Student Level)
Skill Builder Shotgun #1 (DS1 Instructor)
Skill Builder Shotgun #FAST (DS1 Instructor)

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