SAFTEA Civilian Vehicle Counter Ambush student

Understand the nuances and direct concerns of armed conflict on and around automobiles. (Riots-Blockages-Terrorist gangs)

  • FBI, Air Marshal, DOD-DSS quilifacations
  • Covering vehicle bailout drills.
    Deflection shots into a windshield
    Hard points and soft points exercises on actual vehicles with participant ballistic testing on
       doors, glass, drive train and panels of non up armored vehicles
    Exit from auto under attack drills
    Extract injured under fire drills
    Trapped vehicle drills
  • Shooting from around a vehicle
  • Kneeling, prone
  • Bounding
  • Pairs, Team, with kids
  • Myth Busting (staying in the vehicle, A & B colum saferty)
  • Equipment:
    1000 rounds FMJ
    Enough mags to hold 60 rounds
    SAFTD approved holster outside the pants strong side. (Safety reasons)
    Mag holster
    Good strong holster belt
    Hearing protection (Electronic recommended)
    Sight protection
    Range wear
    Hydration pack (Water will be supplied)
    Knee pads (optional)